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Below is a list of all of the contestants currently in the Showdown database. You can view each of the artist's "Showdown Profile" by clicking on their name. The various check marks to the right of their name indicates the information they've uploaded to their profile.

The flag graphic indicates that the contestant has won either a local, state or regional competition.  


Name Photo Bio mp3 Calendar Download
adrienne greer  
Ale Leilani  
Allie Baker  
Amanda Cooksey  
Amber DeLaCruz  
Ami Gussie Russ  
Annabel Lee  
April Belanger  
Art Morgan  
Ashley Brooke  
Ashley McCorry  
Austin Thresher  
Bailey James  
Bethany chestnut  
Billie Jo  
Border Avenue  
Brad Harter  
Brian McConnell  
Briana Cunningham  
Brianna Bailey  
Brittany Milacki  
Brittany Nicole  
Caitlin LeBlanc  
Carrie Porter  
Chris Colston  
Christina Luke- Bradley  
Colby Acuff  
Cole Tomlinson  
Colton Hamilton  
Cori Rae  
Daniel Spivey  
Dannie Marie  
Donna Reid  
Elena Rey  
Elli Branham  
Facing West  

Jonny Paul is an American Country music recording artist from Jacksonville, North Carolina. Jonny loves all kinds of music but...

Jonny Paul