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Below is a list of all of the contestants currently in the Showdown database. You can view each of the artist's "Showdown Profile" by clicking on their name. The various check marks to the right of their name indicates the information they've uploaded to their profile.

The flag graphic indicates that the contestant has won either a local, state or regional competition.  


Name Photo Bio mp3 Calendar Download
Acuff & Sherfey  
Andrea Sinka  
Ashley Pierce  
Cameron Lee  
Casey Darnell  
Cayly Evans  
Chris James  
Daisi Rain  
Danita Faye Robinson  
Emily Cornett  
Erin Elizabeth  
Ethan Powell  
Fire N Ice Band  

Over the course of the last 12 months, a handful of contestants have distinguished themselves as high achievers when it comes to driving online traffic to their respective profile page. Here are the top 10 and the corresponding number of visits they've accumulated during their tenure with the Showdown.... more