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Introducing the Showdown iPhone app! | 01/17/2013 

The Country Showdown is proud to release the Showdown iPhone app!

You will want to check this out! You have two options: The "Opening Act" is the free version. You get:

  • Showdown Internet Radio - featuring a special blend of information and some of the more noteworthy original songs that have been entered into the Country Showdown Songwriting Contest.

  • "Real Quick" - a great way to quickly catch up on Showdown headlines.

  • The Featured Performer - the performer chosen from among the top ten most visited profile pages of that week

  • Songwriting Contest - you will now be able to vote and keep track of your favorite songwriters as the compete in the Songwriting Contest with your iPhone!

    The Main Stage application is $.99, and it's well worth it! You get everything that you have access to with the "Opening Act," plus access to a special collection of professional helps and tips along with the ability to access the Showdown video archives called "Showdown Plus."

  • Showdown Plus Interviews - interviews with people who have distinguished themselves in the Showdown and then gone on to accomplish some amazing things in the Country Music industry. This month, Johnny Bulford, the 2008 Grand National Champion who today is a staff writer at Warner Chappell with a #1 hit under his belt, is our special guest.

  • From Those Who Know - documented converstations with industry professionals that are being asked questions an aspiring artist would be interested in asking themselves if they had the chance. This month we caught up with Leslie Dipiero from Tom Leis Music, a publishing house that's home to writers like Brandon Kinney who wrote "Boots On," recorded by Randy Houser. Leslie gives some great counsel to aspiring writers on what it is that she's looking for in a song that makes it worthy of pitching. This is a great interview!

    Video Archives - over the course of the last 30 years, the Showdown National Final has been hosted by a who's who of Country Music legends. This section of "Showdown Plus" gives you access to performances of these legends that you're not going to see anywhere else!

    Head out to for more information and download the app today!

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