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Cody R. Burns is the Featured Performer of the Month | 05/02/2013 

12K hits to your profile page is pretty good and Cody R. Burns did just that this week and is hereby names the "Featured Performer of the Week!" "Island rocker Cody R Burns has been entertaining audiences for years with his fun music and comical attitude. The singer/songwriter from Oregon branched out with his first set of songs in 2009 with the release of his demo album Acoustics. The album gained public interest almost instantly, and seeing the potential, he was put on board a partner ship with Island Records to spread his songs to a wider fanbase. Looking towards a bright future, Cody continued writing songs, leading to his second more versatile album titled Rest & Respite..." To learn more about Cody, visit his Profile Page. And to learn how you can become the "Featured Performer of the Week," click here. Congratulations, Cody!

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Every week throughout 2014, the "Featured Performer of the Week" was selected from among the top 10 most visited profile pages for that week. You will find many of those who earned that distinction among this year's list of the "Top 10 Most Visited Profiles..."