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  Bartlee Norton & 64 Highway's Profile Page  

Contestant's Picture Bartlee's band began formation when he and his nephew, drummer Jake Ketterer, decided they should play music together. Jake then invited guitarists Ian Porter and Josh Harris. Jake, Josh and Ian have written music together and played in several bands since they were kids. Bartlee then invited Brad Annis into the collective mix. Brad and Bartlee had been in the same group at Lee University the "Lee Singers" and had toured all over the country playing music together. That was the beginning of Bartlee Norton and 64 Highway. All of these guys come from a very different backgrounds in music and make a unique and unmatched combination. Though they have only been playing together for a few short months, they have everyone buzzing. Incredibly talented, extremely professional, and abundantly blessed..... this is Bartlee Norton and 64 Highway.

Registration #: 11464
Instrument(s): Singer
Page Views: 5,540
Radio Station: WOGT/FM