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Contestant's Picture Hello!! My name is Mandy Eike. I am from a small town of 250-300 people called Hobson in the beautiful state of Montana. I am a member of the Silver River Band out of Lewistown, smack dab in the middle of Montana. We play a variety of music but mostly country and classic rock. I turned 29 this past March (2010) and I am hoping to make it for a long stretch in the Showdown this year. I am teaming up with an amazing vocalist - Chase Soennichesen for a duo act this year. Hopefully I can get someone to take some pics after the contest and can upload them for you!! The song on my profile called "Wrangler Jeans" was a song I wrote a couple years ago. Sid Napier, the leader of the band I am in, helped me finish and record it. We are both members of the "Montana Songwriters Association". I someday hope to be a part of the country music family. I love to sing and share with others!!! I have been heavily involved in music the last 10 years. Starting with my first country showdown in 2002 I have branched to singing in a band, directing a praise and worship team in Lewistown, MT, teaching music as a long term substitute at my children's school, and recording vocals in the Belt Studio with Mr. Dan Gliko for album projects. Music has sent me on a most joyous and brilliant journey!!

Registration #: 2178
Instrument(s): Singer, Guitar
Page Views: 5,468
Radio Station: KMON
Contestant - 2010
April , 2016