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  Amy Jo Potter's Profile Page  

Contestant's Picture This spitfire singer and songwriter from the Hoosier sate knows how to put on a show and get the crowd a rockin' ! She has a stubborn streak in the best of ways and plans to continue to persue her career through the best and worst of times. In her own words, "I'm going to keep on goin, no matter who doesn't think I should!"

Amy Jo Potter has sang since a very young age. Singing with her mother who was a professional local singer songwriter, competing in various events, and singing at local festivals, and with various bands at all types of venues. Amy is an experienced performer who continues to improve at each and every show. She wrote her first song at the age of 10. Amy is tying up the loose ends for recording her first mini CD, hopefully to release this winter/spring and has enough original songs to finish and record several more. She calls her writing like wildfire ' An itch in that writin finger of mine'. Some of her songs will be found in the International Songwriting competition as well as in other events this year. She also co-writes with other artists.

This fun loving, family oriented cowgirl has an inate musical ability. She has played the saxaphone for 14 years, and in just 2011 she picked up the acoustic guitar that was a gift to her from her husband and has taught herself how to play. Not affraid to jump in head first, you can often times find her on stage playing a song she wrote just a matter of days before the show, as well as performing her favorite covers.

Amy Jo was a participant in three showdowns in 2012 and was happy to be first runner up in the Kewanee, Illinois competition. She has been in two showdowns, Laurel MS and Crawfordsville IN, in 2013 and is hoping to make state at the next one on her list. With her determination she will not give up until she has advanced.

Amy Jo Potter has a great love of family. Having three young children herself, she understands what it means to parents for people to be good role models and influences on children and people of every age. She has a great desire to influence people for the better through her music. Amy also has a great respect for the Lord and her Heavenly Father and says, "May to God go all the glory in every step of everything that I do."
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  "Baby Just Keep Tryin'" lyrics
BABY JUST KEEP TRYIN' CHORUS Baby Just Keep Tryin There's a Light up Ahead. I see it when I look at you lyin in our bed. I see it in our children's eyes When you get home at night. Baby Just Keep Tryin You're the best part of my life. I knew When I first saw You I had to make you mine. And baby From that First Kiss I knew it all was right. Now You've become my best friend and I've become you're wife. I promise that I'll love you for the rest of my life. So... CHORUS Baby Just Keep Tryin There's a Light up ahead I see it when I look at you lyin in our bed I see it In our Childrens Eyes When you get home at night Baby Just Keep Tryin' You're the best Part of my life. Bridge (Key Change) I know that you could give up Throw Youre hands up and just walk away. Sometimes this life is like a battle, but I'll be right here fightin all the way. Hunni you know you got a lot to live for, A wife and three boys laughing down the hall. To see you quit it cuts me like a daggar. To see you hurt it pains me to the core. CHORUS Baby Just Keep Tryin' There's a light up ahead. I see it when I look at you lyin in our bed I see it in our Children's eyes When you get home at night Baby Just Keep Tryin' You're the best part of my life. ..Humming... End. Copyrights Amy Jo Potter 2012 (Thanks for listening!)

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