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  Megan McMillan's Profile Page  

Contestant's Picture Hey ya'll ! I'm from a small town in Alabama and have always loved music, especially rock and country music. I eventually learned to play the piano and a few chords on the guitar, and my love for playing and singing grew even more. I've been writing songs for years but haven't had the guts to share them with anyone until recently...songwriting is such a personal thing for me and has been my outlet through some tough times in my life. Thanks so much for viewing my page, have a listen and I hope you enjoy it !!!!/meganmcmillanmusic?fref=ts
  "Lie" lyrics

Darlin look me in the eye
And say whatever you have to say
Cause my heart just can't take the truth this time

Tell me that you love me
Or you'll never go away
Just fake it if you have to
Give me all your lines, and

Anything is better than the truth
My heart will never make it alone
What's done can't be reversed
So even if you don't love me anymore

I can see what's goin on
And so can all my friends
But you leavin me is too much for me to take

You promised me forever
How can you take that away?
Don't steal my life,
And even if you won't be there

I know we can't last like this
I'm just tryin to buy my heart a little time
So before you go and tell me everything
Lie, please lie

Please, please lie

Registration #: 47088
Instrument(s): Singer, Guitar
Page Views: 5,403
Contestant - 2012
November 18, 2012
iShowcase Music Event @ The Bottletree - Birmingham AL