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  Noel Christine's Profile Page  

Contestant's Picture My name is Noel Christine, age 23. I'm a new up and coming Country singer/songwriter from the Kalamazoo area. I grew up in Allegan, MI, where I fell in love with Country music on the school bus! I used to just listen to pop/hip hop/punk/rap/christian=anything but Country! HAHA. Then, the Dixie Chicks stole my heart with "You were mine." I realized I had a passion for music, performing, singing, and writing at an early age. I starting singing at 9. It started in church, karaoke bars and competitions, to many Miss Allegan and County pageants, Allegan fair Idol, then my sisterís wedding, and a few school talent shows. I began writing in 7th grade, age 13 when I started feeling romantic feelings for the first time. It became an outlet for me to get feelings off my chest right away, so most of my music sprouts from self experience or life impacts. At 22, as I was going to school at KVCC for nursing, I realized my artistic and innovative side was starving. I prayed and realized I was "Born to Boogie."(Hank Jr.) I recorded 3 tracks in Chicago, which drove my passion further into making a full 10 track album in Kalamazoo called "Average Girl (You Can't Underestimate)" I plan to self release in August of 2010. I write and think up all the lyrics, melodies, and vocal arrangements for my music. More recently, I've been singing with local artist's bands around Kalamazoo, and doing open mic and karaoke nights with my new music. Coming up, I'm singing in Portage's Celery City Showcase, Country Music Roundup (I won and opened for Justin Moore which was a great opportunity), and on July 10th-opening for Kinetic Affect on a local cable access channel, singing the national anthem for the World Series Championship for girl's Big League softball, then competing in this- the Colgate Country Showdown, and finally trying out for American Idol!!! My plan is to make my mark in Country music by showing Country music lovers something new and everlasting, like Taylor Swift (a more recent influence) did. I want to have a family someday and move to Nashville, TN. I like to stay active and healthy, hangout with family and friends, and learn new things. I really enjoy the outdoors (camping and beaches and such), shooting my daddy's guns, shopping, and making people laugh. I have a really outgoing personality and am described as the life of the party usually. I work hard and don't give up very easily. I would someday like to write a book about my personal challenges and lessons. I would also like to travel the world open mindedly before I die. If there's one person in my life who's made the most impact on me, it's my Mother Susan Hahn. She's an angel, and I thank God for blessing me with her. I hope I can use my passions and talents God gave me to Bless people's lives. That is my dream.

To see all my songs that will be on my upcoming album, check out these:

Registration #: 5987
Instrument(s): Singer
Page Views: 5,570
Contestant - 2010
July 3, 2010
Stoney Ridge Lake in Montgomery, MI
July 10, 2010
Studio 426 Downtown Kalamazoo, MI