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I started my Music Career when I was very young in Texas where I was born and raised. I first started singing in front of people when I was 5 in Kindergarten and have been singing ever since. My mom tells me the first song she can remember I ever sang was ""Rhinestone Cowboy"" by Glen Campbell. I tinkered with big upright piano my parents bought for my sister, which she only learned a few songs on. My dad played guitar and tried to teach me a few things but I was not interested in it. My sophomore year in High School, I made a friend named James Chasteen. James played guitar and I wanted to play too so He started to teach me chords. He sang old Country songs and I dug it, so I would sing with him, Soon the CM Brothers was formed. My mom thought I was crazy the first day I came home and told her that I was going to sing and play in shows. Like all budding singers James and I went to the local Mall and found one of those recording booths with what would be later called ""Karaoke"". We first went to The Mesquite Opry (Mesquite TX) to audition but Janet McBride the owner did not think we were ready so she referred us to the Waxahachie Opry (Waxahachie TX) that Opry would allow new singers to try their talents. The people in Waxahachie were very nice people and James and I became regulars. Within in a year James had met an older girl and became a dad and husband. So I was left to do it alone. During my time at the Waxahachie Opry I met a girl named Julie Payton who was beautiful plus talented she got me to try other venues. Soon I was singing at the Garland Opry, Plano Opry and many others. It wasn't until I was out of high school that I tried out for the house band for the Wells Point Opry (Wells Point TX) that my life went another direction, it was there I met a one Mr. Davis a Steel guitar player that told me he was the Dean of Students of Hill College (Hillsboro TX). He would give me a full ride scholarship for music if I would come to the college and play bass in the jazz band and sing in the Choir, and also play in his country band on the weekends. I took the offer that my mom did not believe I would really get. When I did she started to believe that this music thing might go somewhere. During the week and on special occasions I would play for the college and on weekends I played in the Dean's band. The most famous place I played at that time was Kickin Kountry a Little place that George Strait played in on the film ""Pure Country"". After one year of college I needed a little more excitement in my life so I joined the Army. The drill sargents said I was the first soldier they had ever seen that had the special privilege to have a guitar and time to practice playing and singing (because I played for Chaplin a Lt. Col.) in basic training. When I got to my first unit I tried out for the ""Soldier Show"" (a traveling show that worked for the USO) I made the cut but was denied the opportunity by my commanding 1st Sargent who said that I was to be a infantry solider not a musician. My second year of service I set in with a lot of local bands in the Watertown NY area and one band form Canada named ""Ambush"" Who in Canada was famous and had songs on the radio. I played with them at the ""Silver Saddle"" in Kingston OT. and ""Zuma's Rodeo"" In Ottawa OT. In New York I got to play at the North American Fiddlers Hall of Fame where I signed my first autograph to these two old ladies who swore Id be famous some day. But it wasn't until the fall of 95 that I got a chance to try out for a TV show from Nashville. Before there was an ""American Idol"" singers didn't get to show off their talents unless they were already famous, but the TV show ""The Nashville Starseek"" would allow me to do just that. After my performance I was critique by a music producer who wanted me to sign with his indie label ""Platinum Plus Records"" I took the contract back to the Army JAG and they told me that The contract was not a good one and I should not sign, so I didn't. After the Army I moved to Washington, then to Alaska where I played and sang with different bands and groups. In 2000 I moved to Arizona which were I live now. Ive tried out for the new TV show ""Nashville Star"" but didn't make it. I now play in a band called Littletown, where I'm the lead singer and play rhythm guitar player and mandolin. I have written many songs, which until now I have done nothing with. The band and I are in process of recording my songs and I want to send them out to the industry, hoping that maybe some day someone will want to record them. Song writing contest are what I want to try next.

Famous people I have either sang with or for:

Lee Anne Rimes

Rick Trevino

Gov Janet Naplatano

Congressman Trent Franks

I have opened up for

Dierks Bentley, Molly Hattchett, George thorogood

Soon for

Gary Allen, & Vince Gill


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Instrument(s): Singer, Guitar
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September 12, 2009
Opening for Gary Allen at Harrah's Casino Laughlin NV
October 3, 2009
Opening fro Vince Gill at Harrah's Casino Laughlin NV
October 17, 2009
AZ. State Fair The