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Please note! You need to register through your local radio station. Registering online gives your Profile Page, which is an important step in promoting your art and your Showdown presence. But you need to register through your radio station in order to compete!

If you're registering in order to participate in the Songwriting Contest only, the following doesn't apply. However, if you're registering to compete in the Country Showdown, then take a minute and look over the following:

  • Filling out this form doesn't make you a contestant in the Showdown.
  • Your local participating radio station will listen to the recording of yourself that you include with your registration form.
  • They will then select from those who've submitted an entry form those they feel are most qualified to compete.
  • They will notify you to let you know if you've been selected.

  • Be sure to add "" to your email address book in order to ensure that any emails from the Showdown don't get processed as SPAM!
    Sound good? Now, regardless if you're competing in just the Songwriting Competition or the Showdown, or both - let's get some information about who you are as an artist.

  • For Stage Name, enter in your band's name or your stage name if it differs from your real name.

  • For Password, make up a password for yourself that you can easily remember. You'll use this to access your "Profile Page" which will allow you to create an online press kit so users to can better appreciate the talent you're bringing to the Showdown stage!

  • For info about the "Country Showdown Songwriting Competition," click here. You don't need to be a Showdown competitor.
  • If you run into any difficulty, email Bruce Gust, webmaster for the Country Showdown at

    Which event are you competing in?
    First Name
    Last Name
    Street Address
    Street Address #2

    Primary Instrument
    If you're registering as a band, just put down the instrument that you play yourself.

    Secondary Instrument
    If you don't have a secondary instrument, just leave this field blank.

    Describe your act
    Describe your music
    Stage Name
    Security Question
    Security Question Answer

    Check here if you have read and agree to the Country Showdown rules.
    Check here if you have read and agree to the Country Showdown Songwriting Competition rules.
    If you're planning on entering both the Showdown and the Showdown Songwriting Competition, check both of the boxes above. Otherwise, just check the box corresponding to the event that you're entering.


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