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Welcome to the largest and longest running Country Music talent search in the nation! Take a moment now and click on the links below to familiarize yourself with the Showdown and the different ways in which you can compete, learn and enjoy This is the Texaco Country Music Showdown!

The Talent Search - Win$100,000.00 and the title "Best New Act in Country Music!"

The Songwriting Contest - Win an all expense paid trip to Nashville, a consultation with Tom Leis Music and a $5,000.00 cash prize.

Showdown Internet Radio - a streaming internet radio broadcast featuring highlights from the Songwriting Contest as well as other great performances from Showdown contestants. In addition, you'll hear excerpts from the Showdown blog "How I Got My Record Deal" that discusses how to enhance your platform as an aspiring Country Music Artist.

iPhone Application - put the power of the Showdown online community on your iPhone and access exclusive interviews from Country Music icons and industry professionals.

The Showdown Mobile App - the entire Showdown web community in a mobile friendly format.

"How I Got My Record Deal" - the Showdown blog based on the experiences of a former National Recording artist, "How I Got My Record Deal" presents tools and tips for the aspiring Country Music artist interested in building their platform.

Showdown Spotlight Podcast - archived Showdown Internet Radio broacasts presented as podcasts.

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The 32nd Annual Texaco Country Showdown is America's largest Country music talent show. It's designed to find the most promising country music talent in the nation and to give these performers a chance to launch their professional music careers. The Country Showdown begins each spring with over 450 local talent contests sponsored by country music radio stations throughout the US. Winners advance to their respective State competitions held at leading fairs and venues. Acts then compete for a $1,000 prize, the State Title and the opportunity to advance to one of five Regional Finals. It’s the last step before the prestigious, televised National Final. The audience cheers on the Regional Winners, as they compete for the Grand Prize of $100,000 and the title of "Best New Act in Country Music." To view the list of participating radio stations in your area, click here. To learn more about who can enter and how to obtain an entry form, click here.
The Texaco Country Showdown Songwriting Contest provides a platform for the aspiring writer that gives the chance to be heard and counseled by one of the more prestigious publishing houses in Nashville. In addition to a consultation with Tom Leis Music, the winner also receives a cash prize of $5,000.00 and an all expense paid trip to Nashville. Click here to learn more...

Showdown Internet Radio is a streaming internet radio broadcast featuring some of the best, undiscovered
Country Music as well as tips and resources for the aspiring Country Music artist who wants to build their platform and further their career. Click here to learn more...
The Country Showdown iphone app puts the Showdown online community at your fingertips while simultaneously providing a special interview section featuring Country Music icons and others who have distinguished themselves in the Country Music industry. Plus you can hear each musical selection featured on that month's streaming internet radio broadcast separately. Click here to learn more... The Showdown Mobile App puts then entire Showdown web community on your mobile application so in a way that's both convenient and entertaining!
The Showdown Podcast keeps aspiring Country Music artists on top of those tactics that can help them further their Country Music career. Click here for more information...
  Former National Recording artist Bruce Gust elaborates on his journey from rehearsal space to studio to arena in "How I Got My Record Deal." In this blog / podcast Bruce discusses concepts and tools that you can use to enhance your platform, your music and your career.
With over 70K friends and thousands of follwers, you're joining a large congregation of enthusiastic fans and committed artists who are accessing up to the minute Showdown headlines and valuable resources. Click here for the Showdown Facebook page and click here for the Showdown Twitter page.

Over the course of the last 12 months, a handful of contestants have distinguished themselves as high achievers when it comes to driving online traffic to their respective profile page. Here are the top 10 and the corresponding number of visits they've accumulated during their tenure with the Showdown.... more